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Is Sphero Mini Waterproof

Do you have a Sphero Mini? If so, do you know if it is waterproof or not? I was curious about this myself and tried to find out. Scroll down to learn if the Sphero Mini is Waterproof.


Is Sphero Mini waterproof?

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Is Sphero Mini waterproof? After some research, I found that the answer is no Sphero Mini is not waterproof! This means your Sphero Mini might get damaged if it gets wet. So be careful!


Can Sphero Mini Go in Water?

No. Once it’s submerged, the Sphero Mini will immediately stop working. Keep your Sphero Mini away from water and even light splashes. And we recommend never submerging it in any liquid!


Which Sphero is Waterproof?

Sphero BOLT (Click To Buy Online)

Sphero BOLT and Sphero SPRK+ are both waterproof. The IP rating on both is IP55, meaning it has been tested to be resistant to dust and dirt particles, as well as ensuring that your robot will not be damaged by mist or water.

Additionally, the Sphero BOLT (Buy Online) and the Sphero SPRK+ have fully sealed outer casings with no charging ports which prevent contaminants and water from reaching their delicate electronics.


Sphero Mini Waterproof Case


DealCase Electronics Accessories Organizer

The DealCase Electronics Accessories Organizer (Buy Online) is a waterproof case that will protect your Sphero mini. It’s padded on the inside to protect against drops or falls during transport as well as keeping out any harmful debris like dust or sand when not in use. The outer material is waterproof polyester which means even if you drop it into a puddle of water or spill something on top of it – your Sphero will be protected from water damage.


Travel Electronics Organizer, Waterproof Cable Organizer Bag for Electronic Accessories

The Cable Travel Electronics Organizer (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for keeping your Sphero protected. This organizer bag has been designed with waterproof nylon fabric to protect against splashing water or rain, as well as being shockproof so that it will keep your devices safe from impacts and accidental drops, knocks, and kicks.


Plano Guide Series Waterproof Cases Airtight

The Plano Guide Series Waterproof Cases (Buy Online) have cam-action latches that open/close easily and they have Dri Lock O ring seals that allow you to submerge them, along with a soft rubber lining that protects delicate electronics from scratches. And these cases are available in multiple sizes and are large enough to hold a wide range of robot toys.


Eylar Small 10.62″ Gear, Equipment, Hard Camera Case Waterproof with Foam

The Eylar Waterproof Case (Buy Online) is an innovative IP67 rated waterproof hardshell case that will keep your robot protected from rain, snow, or splashes of water when playing with them outdoors!

The best part about this case is its ability to float on water so you don’t have to worry about losing it while swimming or boating!


Pelican 1200 Case With Foam

Pelican cases are built tough for a reason – they protect valuable equipment! A Pelican 1200 Case with Foam (Buy Online) can fit everything you need to store your Sphero Mini in place safely with room left over for other small items like chargers, extra cables, etc.

There are some other cases out there for this device, but we think this one is best because of its size (it fits perfectly) and also because of its foam padding.