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Can Sphero Mini Jump

Have you ever wondered if your Sphero Mini could jump? Well, it can’t, but there are ways to make it seem like it’s jumping.

In this post, we will explore the many different tricks and accessories that can make your Sphero Mini seem like it’s jumping.


Can Sphero Mini Jump

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The Sphero Mini Robot can’t jump on its own, but you can use ramps as a jumping-off point to propel the robot into the air. This will allow your child to learn more about physics while also teaching them how to overcome the limits of the Sphero mini robot.

The Sphero Mini has no jumping abilities on its own and it does not come with a ramp… So a little creativity is necessary here.

Let’s look for some alternatives that we might be able to turn into a mini ramp. Anything from bowls or dishes to boxes, stools, or even pillows could work in theory as long as they are stable enough to support the weight of the Sphero Mini while it’s jumping off of them.


How Do I Make Sphero Jump

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How Do I Make Sphero Jump? The solution is simple – get a ramp that will let you launch the Sphero Mini robot up into the air. You can then set up challenges and compete to see how far you can get your Sphero mini to jump.

And while the Sphero Mini doesn’t jump on its own it sure does fly high when launched from a ramp.

Overall, the Sphero Mini Jump ‘n’ Race Ramp is the best way to make Sphero jump since it allows kids and adults alike to propel their favorite robot into the sky for some serious indoor fun.

Plus, with dozens of different ways you can set them up, you’ll never run out of things to do with your new flying friend.



Best Sphero Jump Ramps


Sphero Jump Ramps

Sphero Jump Ramps Landing

Sphero Jump Ramps are the perfect solution for parents and teachers looking to get their kids up and moving. The flexible design of these ramps allows children to mix and match them to create unique obstacle courses every time they want to make their Sphero Mini jump in the air.

Kids will love testing out new combinations as they race each other up the ramp or see who can jump highest by adding more obstacles in their path. Plus, there’s no limit to where you can use them, and the lightweight weatherproof design enables you to bring them outdoors so your kids can get some fresh air.



Anki Overdrive Expansion Track Launch Kit

The Overdrive Expansion Track (Buy Online) brings new challenges for your Sphero to navigate by adding jumps and ramps to your play space. With this kit, you can set up a standalone jump or add a ramp to an overdrive track for even more possibilities. You can also customize the angle of the ramp with the included risers that raise and lower the tracks so you can alter your Sphero’s launch angle.



Mindscope Twister Trax Neon Glow in The Dark Track & Accessory Set w/ Bridge & Tunnel

The Mindscope Twister Trax (Buy Online) takes the fun of Sphero Jump Ramps and adds a twist. This track set features detachable and attachable track segments in five bright colors, plus it comes with two sheets of stickers.

It’s easy to connect pieces together so you can build your own custom-shaped tracks. And your child will have endless opportunities for creative play when they use their imagination along with these colorful glow-in-the-dark track pieces.



Sphero Mini Accessories


Organizer Storage Case Replacement for Sphero Mini The App-Controlled Robot Ball by Aenllosi (Gray)

The Organizer Storage Case for Sphero Mini (Buy Online) makes playing with your robot friend easier than ever before. With its sturdy EVA construction, this case is crush-resistant and shockproof too, making sure your little buddy stays safe inside while being transported around or stored away in between adventures.

Plus, the internal mesh pocket will hold a wide assortment of Sphero accessories so your child is less likely to lose them. And since this organizer storage case is very affordable it makes the perfect gift for holidays like Christmas or birthdays.