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Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds

Coding toys are a great way to introduce your 10-year-old child to coding. These days, coding is all the rage and there are plenty of companies making it easy for kids to start learning about this important skill. There’s no better time than now. The best part? It doesn’t have to be too difficult with these amazing coding toys for 10 year olds that will teach them about programming in a fun way.


Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set; STEM Kit
UBTECH JIMU Robot Astrobot Series: Cosmos Kit / Coding STEM Learning Kit
Wonder Workshop Cue Quartz– Coding Robot for Kids 10+
iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot: Programmable STEM Toy for Kids
Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights – – Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift
ClicBot Coding Robot Kits for Kids
Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids | Includes Electronics, Coding, Animation and Lessons in Scratch, Minecraft, Python



Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds



UBTECH JIMU Robot Astrobot Series: Cosmos Kit / App-Enabled Building and Coding STEM Learning Kit

UBTECH JIMU Robot Astrobot Series: Cosmos Kit / App-Enabled Building and Coding STEM Learning Kit - Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds

The Jimu Robot Cosmos Kit (Buy Online) is the best coding toy for 10 year olds. This coding toy lets you build your own robot by snapping together blocks like Legos, and it also teaches kids how to program your robot using Blockly (a simplified programming platform).

This coding toy will give kids who already know the basics of programming something fun to do with their newfound skills while also teaching them more advanced concepts such as object recognition and path planning algorithms.

The kit includes 387 snap-together parts, 1 infrared sensor, 1 speaker, 2 LEDs, and 5 servo motors which can be controlled using Blockly code blocks via the free UBTECH mobile app (iOS & Android).

Plus, the included building instructions make it easy for anyone – even non-builders – to assemble their robot friend in less than 30 minutes with no tools required.



Wonder Workshop Cue Quartz– Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds

Wonder Workshop’s Cue Quartz (Buy Online) is an interactive robot designed specifically for 10-year-olds and older who want to start learning about robotics, programming, and more.

The problem with most coding toys for kids is that they are either too complex or not engaging enough. Cue, however, is different from the rest of these products because it offers three ways to learn to code- Block-Based Coding, Text-Based JavaScript, and Interactive AI.

With an open-ended approach that teaches kids how to think like a programmer instead of following specific steps, Cue allows users to create their own programs using blocks of different shapes and colors on an LCD screen interface.

After they’ve mastered the basics by creating simple commands such as “go forward” or “turn right” using block coding, they can move on to more complex text-based JavaScripts where they can write their own scripts in a logical sequence similar to writing a real computer program.

Overall, Wonder Workshop’s Cue is a great gift idea because it can be enjoyed by any child over ten years of age (recommended age 1o+), regardless of their interests or skill level with computers and technology in general. Plus, this robot will help parents encourage their children to pursue STEM subjects after school, which could open up many opportunities for them later on down the road.



iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot: Programmable STEM Toy for Kids

The iRobot Root rt0 Coding Robot (Buy Online) is a great way for kids as young as 10 years old (and even adults.) to learn the basics of coding by building their own robot from scratch and then programming it using an app on their phone.

This STEM toy teaches basic logic concepts through fun projects like drawing with light, playing music, driving around obstacles & more.

The iRobot Root rt0 is the first coding robot that’s easy enough for young kids and advanced enough for older teens. And unlike other programming toys, this robotics kit has over 20 sensors & built-in AI capabilities so you’ll never run out of things to do with this educational toy robot.



Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights – STEM Educational Toy for Kids – Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift

The Sphero SPRK+ (Buy Online) is the perfect coding toy for kids and adults alike to learn about robotics, programming, and STEM principles. With the app, you can control your SPRK+ with block-based programming, text-based programming, or a touch screen remote control. This way you’ll be able to write your own programs without ever needing advanced knowledge of coding until you’re ready to start learning more advanced programming languages (JavaScript, Python, C++, etc).

Best of all, Sphero makes it easy for children to learn coding with their step-by-step tutorials in the Sphero Edu app (available on iOS and Android) where they can teach themselves through the visual Scratch blocks interface. Then once they are ready to advance into more complex coding environments they can try their hand at text programming using JavaScript, and the Sphero SPRK+ even supports some custom Python libraries… the possibilities are endless.



Apitor SuperBot, STEM Programming Educational Building Block Robot Toy for Kids

The SuperBot (Buy Online) is a new coding toyfor 10 year olds that uses Blockly and introduces children to programming through building blocks. It is an educational robot toy that helps kids develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills by teaching them how to code their own robots.

The best thing about the SuperBot is that it’s affordable and it offers an intuitive interface for easy coding with the drag-and-drop method using Blockly. This allows even young children to create programs without having any prior experience in computer science or mathematics.



ClicBot Coding Robot Kits for Kids, STEM Educational Toys for Programming with Remote Control, Blocks Robot with Touch Screen for Age 8+ (Full Kit)

ClicBot (Buy Online) is an awesome coding robot kit that will teach your child how to code. It’s easy enough for beginners, but challenging enough for anyone both old and young.

The ClicBot Robot Kit teaches logical thinking ability and programming basics with simple drag-and-drop Blockly programming on Android or iOS devices. Plus, it’s even possible to program this robot by posing it, which makes it perfect for kids that enjoy hands-on learning over screen time.

ClicBot is also great as a STEM toy because its modular design allows you to create new robots by combining different parts together. And if you’re not happy with what you created, just break it apart again. And since these robots have their own personality, they’re not only great at teaching coding fundamentals – they’re also tons of fun on their own.



Code Car Circuit Toy for Kids Aged 8,9,10,11,12 to Learn Typed Coding Through Hands-On Electronics and 14 Online Projects

The Code Car Circuit Toy (Buy Online) combines learning with fun. It’s an all-inclusive package that comes with everything you need to get started except for an internet-connected laptop/desktop computer – no soldering required. This toy teaches real coding concepts in a way that is easy for kids to understand through videos, examples, text, and challenges. Best of all, kids are able to make their own custom programs using C++ which means they can learn how computers work on a deeper level than most other coding toys out there.



Code Piano Jumbo Coding Kit for Boys and Girls 8-12 to Learn STEAM Skills Through Coding and Technology

The Code Piano Jumbo Coding Kit (Buy Online) gives kids an easy way to experiment with coding while learning more about music at the same time. This kit comes with everything needed in one box including a jumbo speaker, arcade-style buttons, USB cable, instructions, and even a carrying case so your child can take it anywhere he or she wants. All you need is access to a computer running Windows or MacOS X.



JuiceMind Python Coding for Kids, Robotics Kit for Kids

The JuiceMind Python Coding Kit (Buy Online) makes it easy for kids to learn how to program their own electronics projects using the Python programming language. This kit includes everything you need from step-by-step instructions with pictures all the way through preloaded programs on the JuiceMind website where your child can practice what he/she has learned right away. And with the JuiceMind Python Coding Kit children will master fundamental concepts such as variables, conditionals, lists, functions, etc., while having fun building real-world projects.



Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids | Includes Electronics, Coding, Animation and Lessons in Scratch, Minecraft, Python | Ages 8 and Up

The Boolean Box Computer Science Kit (Buy Online) for kids is an easy way to get started with coding and electronics. This STEM toy has everything you need to start learning how computers work. With the included Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, this computer kit includes all of the parts needed to build a fully functional computer – including a case made from LEGO-style bricks.

Once your child has built it, they can use Scratch (a free programming language) to learn how code works by creating stories, games, and animations on screen using drag-and-drop commands that anyone can understand. Plus, they will also have access to Python projects online so they can advance their knowledge even further once they’re ready for more advanced coding challenges.



Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit, Learning & Educational Toys for Kids to Learn Robotics, Electronics and Programming While Playing, Educational Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 8-12

The Makeblock mBot Robot Kit (Buy Online) comes with everything your child needs to learn robotics and coding in a simple and fun way. With the mBot robotics building kit, they can create robots that drive around on two wheels or climb over obstacles with ease. You can also connect other parts like servo motors, touch sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic distance sensors,s, etc., so they can build their own robots as complex as they want.

The best part? It uses an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, which means that when your child outgrows this toy (which won’t be any time soon), they’ll have a head start learning how to program more advanced robots using the same programming language used by professional engineers and makers all over the world.



Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5, Mechanical Coding Toys for 10 Year Olds

Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech-5 (Buy Online) is a one-of-a-kind mechanical coding robot that allows kids to build real, moving robots by snapping together circuits on a circular wheel with color-coded tabs corresponding with commands like “move” or “turn”. The result is an engaging hands-on experience for 10-year-olds who learn how to piece together simple instructions in order to make their robot move around the room.



Can A 10 Year Old Learn to Code

Yes, a 10 year old can learn how to code using block programming languages or text-based programming languages.

Block platforms like Scratch and Blockly are designed with children in mind. For instance, they have fewer lines of instruction that are easier to follow, don’t require typing at all, offer instant feedback for errors, and can be easily shared with other children on the internet.



What Is The Best Age To Learn Coding

Anywhere from 8 to 10 is an excellent age to start learning about coding. By the time they’re ten years old, children are ready to explore more advanced programming ideas with interactive programs like Scratch, Tynker, and Alice projects. And some 10 year old children will even be ready to move on to real programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Younger than that, most kids are too young for more advanced coding lessons, but they can still learn some basic concepts with simple flash games and crafts.

If you want your child to be ready for jobs of the future, look for opportunities to expose them early on to coding concepts through preschools, summer camps, or tutorials in their spare time — online or at home.

If you’re interested in getting a younger child interested in learning the basics of programming check out our article on the Best Coding Toys for 8 Year Olds


How To Introduce Coding To a 10 Year Old

The best way to introduce coding is through interactive toys or coding lessons. I recommend a “Computer Science Playground” as it not only teaches coding but also covers electronics, physics, and music.

You could also try piecing together some computer parts from an older computer and showing them how those components work with the help of examples.

  • Introduce your child to the basics of coding
  • Start with simple programming languages so they can have a better understanding
  • Practice by solving fun, age-appropriate puzzles, and games
  • Find free online courses on code that are designed for kids
  • Encourage them to learn about computer science in school or through extracurricular activities
  • Make sure you’re always open to new ideas and don’t discourage their efforts when they get stuck working on something