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Sphero Darkside vs Ollie

Sphero Darkside vs Ollie: Which is better, Sphero ollie or Darkside? Each of these robots has its own set of pros and cons which are worth taking into consideration before making a purchase.

On this page, we will compare Sphero Ollie vs Darkside in detail so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.


Sphero Darkside vs Ollie – Sphero Ollie vs Darkside

Sphero Ollie Darkside App Controlled Robot
Sphero Ollie Cyber Green – Exclusive Edition



Sphero Darkside vs Ollie – Sphero Ollie vs Darkside


The Difference Between Sphero Ollie vs Darkside

The main difference between the two is that Darkside comes preset with a red LED theme, while the standard Ollie has a white LED theme. Darkside also comes with 2 Turbo Tires and 2 Prime Hubs, while the standard Ollie only comes with 2 Nubby Tires and 2 Prime Hubs.



Darkside Improvements

The Sphero Darkside (Buy Online) comes with a number of improvements over its predecessor, the Ollie. Most notably, it features 2 Nubby Tires and 2 Turbo Tires for better traction and speed, as well as 2 Prime Hubs and 2 Flux Hubs for greater maneuverability.

It also has customizable LED lighting and connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth SMART.

The Darkside app allows you to control your bot’s settings, driving modes, and light colors, while the MacroLab programming app lets you create custom macros for more complex maneuvers.

And if that’s not enough customization for you, the Darkside is hackable and programmable so you can make it do whatever you want.


Darkside Robot Accessories & Tech Specs

The Sphero Darkside (Buy Online) has some cool accessories that come with it and it also has some serious tech specs, which you can learn more about below.

Darkside Included in The Box:

  • Darkside Ollie
  • 2 Nubby Tires
  • 2 Turbo Tires
  • 2 Prime Hubs
  • 2 Flux Hubs
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick Start guide
  • Free apps (Apple App Store and Google Play)

Darkside Tech Specs:

  • Polycarbonate body
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • Bluetooth SMART instant connection
  • USB charging
  • Driving apps: Ollie, Draw N’ Drive
  • Programming apps: MacroLab, OrbBasic
  • Height: 4.7 inches / Length: 3.2 inches / Weight 8.5 ounces


Standard Ollie Accessories & Tech Specs

If you’re considering purchasing an Ollie Robot (Buy Online), you’ll want to know about its accessories and tech specs. Below, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you get when you purchase an Ollie robot.

Standard Ollie Included in The Box:

  • Ollie Robot
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 Nubby Tires
  • 2 Prime Hubs
  • Quick Start guide

Tech Specs:

  • Bluetooth SMART instant connection
  • USB charging
  • LED Color settings
  • Height: 4.7 inches Length: 3.2 inches Weight: 8.5 ounces




Sphero Ollie vs Darkside Comparison


Sphero Ollie vs Darkside Cost

Darkside usually costs 1.5x more than Ollie. However, it really depends on where you purchase them and any sales or discounts that are going on.


Sphero Ollie vs Darkside Accessories

The Sphero Ollie and the Darkside both come with a few accessories, but the Darkside includes more. The Darkside includes two sets of hubs, and two sets of tires (Turbo Tires and Nuby Tires). The Ollie only comes with one set of flex hubs and one set of nubby tires.


Sphero Ollie vs Darkside Maneuverability

The Sphero Ollie and the Darkside are both very maneuverable robots. However, the Darkside is more maneuverable than the Ollie. This is because the Darkside comes with a set of slick tires that allow it to move faster and more precisely on flat surfaces.


Sphero Ollie vs Darkside App Features

The Sphero Ollie and Darkside both support app features that allow you to control them remotely. However, the Darkside supports more app features than the Sphero Ollie. For example, the Darkside has an autonomous mode that allows it to navigate and move around by itself without any input from you.


Sphero Darkside vs Ollie Verdict

So, which one should you buy? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. The Sphero Darkside has more features and accessories, so if that’s important to you then it’s the clear winner. It also looks cooler than the Ollie, but that’s subjective.

Both are hard to find now since they have been discontinued by Sphero, but there are more new in the box Darksides for sale on Amazon (Click Here)

Overall, if you can get your hands on either one, they both will provide a lot of fun and hours of playtime.



Sphero Darkside vs Ollie FAQ


Is Ollie Darkside waterproof?

No, Ollie Darkside is not waterproof, but it is splash-resistant. This means that he can withstand light rain or a few splashes of water, but he is not meant to be submerged in water.


How do you use Sphero Ollie Darkside?

To use Sphero Ollie Darkside, you’ll need to connect it to your device via Bluetooth. Then, you can use one of the driving apps (Ollie or Draw N’ Drive) to control it, or a programming app (MacroLab) to create custom programs for it.


Can I disassemble Ollie?

No, you can only replace the hubs and tires. The body of the Ollie is sealed and cannot be opened.


How do I remove Ollie’s hubcaps?

You can remove Ollie’s hubcaps with a coin or with a flat head screwdriver. Turn the cap to the left to loosen it, and then pull it off. Be careful not to damage the plastic on the hubcap or on Ollie’s body.


How fast is Ollie?

Ollie is capable of speeds up to 14 mph (23 kph). However, this varies depending on the terrain and surface that it is traveling on. For example, Ollie will travel faster on a smooth, hard surface than it will on grass or dirt.


How long does Ollie’s Battery Last?

Ollie’s battery lasts for about 1 hour. However, this may vary depending on how you use your Ollie and what kind of terrain you’re using it on. For example, if you’re constantly doing tricks or going up and down hills, your battery will drain faster than if you’re just cruising around.


Does Sphero Still Make Ollie or Darkside?

Sadly, Sphero no longer makes their Ollie or Darkside robots. However, you can still buy them on eBay and Amazon.