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Best Coding Toys for 8 Year Olds

It can be difficult to find the best coding toys for 8 year olds. There are so many options, and they all come with their own pros and cons. To make shopping easier, we put together a list of the best coding toys for 8 year olds below.


Best Coding Toys for 8 Year Olds

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set; STEM Kit
Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit, Learning & Educational Toys for Kids to Learn Robotics, Electronics and Programming
UBTECH Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit-App-Enabled Building & Coding Stem Learning Kit
Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad
Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids
Code Rocket Coding Toys for Girls & Boys Age 8 and Up to Learn Programming Through Electronics
Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5, Mechanical Coding Robot



Best Coding Toys for 8 Year Olds



Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set, Coding Robot for Kids, STEM Toy

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot 2.0 Activity Set (Buy Online) is a fun way to teach your child how to code without needing a tablet or phone. It comes with over 30+ challenges and activities that will keep your 8 year old entertained while they learn important STEM skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, and more.

This learning toy teaches basic programming skills through 16 different ways of play – color matching, directional commands, and memory games – that are so fun that your child might not even realize they are learning how to code.

Kids can use their fingers to program Botley’s movements in six directions – forward, backward, left, right, spin and dance. And your child will love playing with the 16 different ways to control Botley – from making him move like a train or police car (using lights and sounds) to transforming him into a ghost or light show using his new color sensor feature.

Plus this kit even includes an interactive storybook that teaches basic coding concepts through fun adventures with Botley the Coding Robot.



Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot for Kids 6+ – Voice Activated – Navigates Objects – 5 Free Programming STEM Apps –

Wonder Workshop Dash (Buy Online) is a simple-to-program, colorful robot that introduces children as young as 6 years old (and up) to computer science and robotics by using visual block-based programming languages like Blocky (Scratch), developed by the MIT Media Lab.

This robot uses optical sensors which allows him to react when he sees movement nearby (like his owner). And he can even respond to voice commands. With this kid-friendly robot, kids will learn programming basics while playing games that teach them about loops, events, conditions, sequences, and more.

Best of all, each move Dash makes is controlled by simple commands written in the BlocklyProp visual programming editor on any web browser (no apps required).



UBTECH Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit-App-Enabled Building & Coding Stem Learning Kit

The UBTECH Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit (Buy Online) is the perfect way for kids as young as 8 years old to start learning how to code. With this kit, you can program your own unicorn bot using simple drag-and-drop commands.

Children can also use the included card deck of magical colors or use the free mobile app instead if you have an older child who wants a more advanced coding experience.

Kids will learn Blockly coding by creating entirely new actions like making their unicorn move forward or backward, turning left or right, blinking its eyes, waving its tail, and more.

The UBTECH Mythical Series: Unicornbot Kit comes with everything you need including 440 snap-together parts, 1 color sensor, 2 smooth motion robotic servo motors, 1 DC motor, 1 LED light-up unicorn horn, 1 main control box, USB cable, and Quick Start Guide.



Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad – 3 Educational Learning Games – Ages 5-10+ – Learn to Code, Coding Basics & Coding Puzzles – STEM Toy

Osmo (Buy Online) is an award-winning coding toy designed by educators and game developers to make coding fun and easy even for young children. With this kit, your child will be able to program their own games using physical blocks on an iPad without needing any prior knowledge of coding or programming languages like Scratch or Blockly.

The starter kit comes with over 60 puzzles (over 300+ sounds) that use basic commands like loops and patterns in order to teach children how computer programs work at a fundamental level. Then once they’ve got some experience under their belts, children can move on to learning intermediate coding concepts like variables, conditionals, events, etc..



Boolean Box Build a Computer Science Kit for Kids | Includes Electronics, Coding, Animation and Lessons in Scratch, Minecraft, Python | Ages 8 and Up

The Boolean Box (Buy Online) is a computer science kit for kids that teaches basic electronics and coding concepts. It includes everything you need to build your own Raspberry Pi based computer (based on the latest version of the Raspberry Pi) including keyboard, mouse, memory card with operating system, case, and pre-loaded software.

The Boolean Box also includes step-by-step projects so children can learn how to wire circuits together and create fun gadgets like a talking doorbell or even an electronic drum set.

The Boolean Box also teaches children about building circuits out of resistors, buttons, LEDs, and more.

Plus, the Boolean Box teaches children both the Scratch programming language for creating stories games and animations as well as the Python programming language which is used in many fields such as data analysis, machine learning, robotics, automation, etc.

This STEM toy includes everything you need to get started including a keyboard, mouse, and memory card with OS pre-installed on it. And there are no batteries required because this computer runs off of a power cord connected directly into an outlet.



Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit, Learning & Educational Toys for Kids to Learn Robotics, Electronics and Programming While Playing, Educational Gifts for Boys and Girls Ages 8-12

The Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit (Buy Online) offers everything that your child needs to learn how to code and build amazing robots. It comes with step-by-step instructions, so it’s easy to assemble too.

This kit has been designed specifically for children between 8-12 years old. With its fun design, this robot toy allows kids to explore their creativity whilst also learning valuable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking – which are essential skills required when working with technology.

The mBot can even be controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet device making it perfect for those who love playing games on their mobile devices. And there are over 100 different missions available on the app meaning that children won’t get bored easily whilst they learn how to code.



OKK Robot Toy for Kids,Smart RC Robots for Kids with Touch and Sound Control Robotics Intelligent Programmable Robot

The OKK Intelligent Programmable Robot Toy (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for parents who want their kids to learn how to code and control robots. It’s also great for children who want a fun OKK Robot Toy for Kids,Smart RC Robots for Kids with Touch and Sound Control Roboway to learn about robotics and coding.

This robot can be programmed using simple voice commands or by clapping hands, which makes it easy for kids of all ages (8+) to use this toy as an educational tool that teaches them more about programming and robotics in general. This is one of the best coding toys for 8 year olds on the market because it combines education with entertainment, making it something that your child will actually look forward to playing with on a daily basis.



Code Rocket Coding Toys for Girls & Boys Age 8,9,10,11,12 to Learn Programming Through Electronics

Code Rocket (Buy Online) is an easy way to get started with learning typed coding. It teaches all of the basic concepts through 20 different projects including games, apps, and animations.

This toy comes with 8 built-in LED lights, two buttons, and a speaker so it’s ready right out of the box without any complex setup or assembly needed. That makes the Code Rocket a perfect gift for curious kids who love technology and want to start exploring how computers work at their core level.

Most coding toys and kits are expensive and too complicated for younger children. They also don’t teach typed programming languages that are used in real life.

What sets Code Rocket apart is that it teaches typed C++ just like what’s used at NASA. That makes this coding toy a perfect next step from block-coding or Scratch-coding while still being easy enough for young kids to understand.



Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit – Learn About Binary Codes, Encryption, Algorithms & Pixelation Through Fun Puzzling Activities

Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit (Buy Online) is a great way for children to learn more about computer science and coding in an informative and fun way. This kit comes with 30+ tools and parts that can be combined with a simple instruction book that makes learning fun for kids.

The Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit is a fact-filled colorful lab guide that is full of pictures and information giving kids hours of things to do in their own homemade science lab.

This computer science kit is perfect for any child who wants to explore STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) concepts at home or school.



Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5, Mechanical Coding Robot

The Snap Circuits Teach Tech Tobbie II (Buy Online) is a fun and educational robotics kit that will teach your child the fundamentals of coding while they have fun building their own robot.

This electronic toy teaches children how to code using a visual programming language called SCET (Snap Circuits Electronic Technology).

With this robotic construction set, there are no wires or soldering required. Simply snap together the colorful plastic pieces to create an interactive programmable robot that can be controlled by attaching blocks to the coding wheel.

Your child will have hours of fun as they control their new creation with easy-to-use commands such as forward, left-right, stop, and more.



Bitsbox – Coding Subscription Box for Kids Ages 6-12 | STEM Education

Bitsbox (Buy Online) is a subscription box that teaches 8-year-olds (and up) how to code using an app-building platform designed specifically with kids in mind. These easy-to-follow projects teach children as young as 8 years old how to build apps they’ll love without overwhelming them with too much technical detail or jargon.

Each project starts by introducing new concepts through examples and progresses quickly from there, so no previous experience is necessary.

And the Grownup Guide walks parents through each step along the way, helping their kid succeed at every stage of learning…no matter what their age. Plus, Bitsbox even offers unlimited email support if your child gets stuck on a particularly tricky point in their coding journey.



Kids First Coding & Robotics | No App Needed | Grades K-2 | Intro to Sequences, Loops & Kids First Coding & Robotics: Challenge Pack 1 Science Experiment Kit for Early Learners

Kids First Coding & Robotics (Buy Online) is a hands-on introduction to computer science and robotics that requires no screen time or downloads. With this set of building blocks and cards, young learners will code their own robot models on a journey through six different storylines with varying levels of difficulty.

Each story comes with an experiment manual that guides them through the steps they need to take in order to program their robots using simple instructions like “turn left” or “go forward until you bump into something.” The result? A child who has discovered the joys of learning about technology by tinkering around and problem-solving using real tools—and having fun while doing it.



What Is The Best Age To Learn Coding

Coding is a skill that can be learned at any age and it’s becoming more and more important for children to learn. There are many great coding programs available for kids of all ages, and the earlier you start the better.

As parents, we want what’s best for our children- so why not help them pursue their interests as early as possible? The sooner they start learning about coding, the better.

Starting young will give them a head start on understanding how computers work and what they do. It also exposes them to other people who share their interest in programming, which can lead to lifelong friendships.

There are plenty of resources online and offline to teach your child coding skills, but it’s important to find the right program for them. Do you want a fun approach or something more serious? And what about cost – do you want something free or would you rather pay a bit more?

We’ve compiled some lists of the best programs out there so you can give your kids early training in this valuable skill.

Should Your 8-Year-Old Learn Coding

There are several reasons for an 8-year-old to learn coding, including the ability to thoughtfully interact with technology, the opportunity to create things that didn’t exist before, and to gain a better understanding of why computers work.

Coding also teaches children how an algorithm is constructed, which will prepare them for future computer science degrees or careers in programming-related fields that require more specialized skillsets.

Plus, learning how to code will not only help expand their career opportunities, but it will teach them skills that can be used outside of engineering fields as well – like arts and sciences.

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