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Best Robotics Kits for Middle School

Robotics is a great way to introduce kids to engineering and technology. There are many benefits of getting a child interested in robotics early, including developing problem-solving skills, learning about coding, or even just having fun with friends. Below you’ll find the best robotics kits for middle school students currently on the market.


Best Robotics Kits for Middle School

Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit – Premium Quality – 10-in-1 Robot
LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Building Set; STEM Kit
Makeblock mBot Mega Robot Kit
Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit
Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit with Remote
ELEGOO Tumbller Self-Balancing Robot Car Kit



Best Robotics Kits for Middle School Age Children



Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit – Premium Quality – 10-in-1 Robot – STEM Education – Arduino – Scratch 2.0 – Programmable Robot Kit for Kids to Learn Coding, Robotics and Electronics

The Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit (Buy Online) is a complete robotics kit that has everything you need to get started building robots. It’s an affordable, high-quality solution for STEM education in the classroom or at home. With this robot building kit, students can learn how to code, while also learning about mechanical engineering and physics.

The Makeblock mBot is an easy-to-use robot kit that allows young people to learn by building functional robots from scratch.

With the Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit, children will create ten different types of robots including a robotic arm, tank, service bot, etc. The mBot kit is also compatible with most smart devices so you can control your creations remotely using Bluetooth technology.

The Makeblock mBot Ultimate Robot Kit makes it easy for kids to learn about electronics, graphical programming, Arduino programming, and Python programming by simply snapping together parts. No soldering or special tools are required.

Best of all, this robotics kit includes everything you need to start learning how to create robots without the hassle of more complicated robot kits that are hard for young students to assemble on their own. And it comes with step-by-step instructions so they’ll have no trouble putting together their creations as soon as they open up the box.



Adeept RaspTank-Pro Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 3B 3B+

The Adeept RaspTank-Pro Robot Car Kit (Buy Online) comes with everything you need to get started building robots. It includes servo motors, a line tracking sensor, ultrasonic sensors, and much more. The best part? Everything works together seamlessly and all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and assemble the pieces using what’s provided in the box.

The Adeept RaspTank-Pro Robot Car Kit is also compatible with other hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi (Buy Online) so you can easily expand your projects as your skills grow.

This robotics kit has been used in classrooms all over the world and is perfect for middle school students who want to start learning about robotics or programming without being intimidated by complicated software or hardware setups.

Overall, the Adeept RaspTank-Pro Robot Car Kit is easy enough for beginners, yet advanced enough for older kids and adults too. And it’s packed with features that allow you to learn about coding, electronics, mechanics, and more.



Makeblock mBot Mega Robot Kit

The Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Robot Kit (Buy Online) is the perfect way to get your child excited about programming robots. This robot kit comes with everything they need to build their own robotic car from scratch. It’s easy enough for beginners, but it also provides plenty of challenges as your child improves their STEM skills.

With the Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Robot Kit, your young aspiring robotics engineer will never run out of ways to play and learn because there are over 20 online projects that teach different concepts like programming and electronics by using Scratch or the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment).

Plus, this robotics kit allows for limitless movement options thanks to its 4WD mecanum wheels that let you drive in any direction, making it perfect for beginners who are just learning about mechanics and coding.

It’s an ideal gift idea for middle school-age children because it comes with everything they need to start building their own robots right away, including instructions on how to use the Makeblock app along with online projects that will help them learn more about coding.

Best of all, this robotics kit will help pre-teens learn about basic electronics, how motors work, and even some simple programming logic while having fun with friends.



Makeblock mBot Ranger 3-in-1 Robot Kit

The mBot Ranger is a 3-in-1 Robot Kit (Buy Online) that can be assembled into three different models (a tank, a car, and an interactive balancing robot). It’s affordable enough for classrooms but powerful enough to teach students about programming fundamentals like loops and if/then statements. And it comes with everything you need – hardware, software platform, AND curriculum.

This robotics kit is perfect for every kid who loves building things – from beginners to advanced learners – so they can learn how robots work at home or in school.

Plus, Makeblock has all the parts you’ll need plus a complete learning platform including lesson plans and support materials so you can focus on teaching instead of figuring out what supplies your class needs each day.



Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit

The Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit (Buy Online) was designed to teach children coding concepts through interactive play with their own robots. The Q-Scout kit was created specifically for middle school students (ages 8–12) who want to learn more about robotics and programming without having to build a robot from scratch or deal with complicated circuits or soldering.

Students can control the robot using the graphical drag-and-drop language of Scratch, then move up to controlling it via Bluetooth on an Android device using the Robobloq’s app (or iOS).

And with this kit kids will be able to program their robot through Arduino C/C++ code or Python scripts which they can use as a springboard into more advanced programming languages and platforms as they develop their coding skills.



ELEGOO Tumbller Self-Balancing Robot Car Kit

The ELEGOO Tumbler (Buy Online) is an affordable, fully assembled self-balancing robot car kit that can be used for both entertainment and educational purposes. It’s a great project for kids and adults alike.

This robotic car is easy to assemble with no soldering required. Just plug in the motors, batteries, control board and download the app onto your phone or tablet (iOS/Android). And this kit comes with an ultrasonic sensor which allows it to avoid obstacles as well as a gyroscope that keeps it balanced at all times.



Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit with Remote

The Freenove Hexapod Robot Kit (Buy Online) contains everything needed to build a walking hexapod robot that will crawl around on any flat surface or tabletop while avoiding obstacles along the way.

With just a little patience and practice, anyone can put together their very own walking robot. This kit comes complete with all parts necessary for assembly, as well as detailed instructions and tutorials on how it works, tips for getting started quickly, and even example code so you can start making your own modifications right away.



VANLINNY Smart Robot Arm Kit,2-in 1 Science Kits with 4-DOF Robotic Car

The VANLINNY DIY Science Kit (Buy Online) is a great STEM toy that allows you to build a functional turret on a tank platform. It’s easy enough for beginners to assemble without any tools, yet it has plenty of features like 360-degree rotation and a water cannon to keep more advanced builders interested as well. Plus, once you’re done building it, the remote control tank can be programmed so it drives along specific routes or performs other actions on its own.

This smart robot arm kit comes with everything you need to build your own robot – all you have to do is supply the elbow grease. And young children will learn about robotics basics while working on this project, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to branch out into more advanced programming or engineering fields.



ArcBotics Sparki Robot – Programmable Arduino STEM Robot Kit

ArcBotics (Buy Online) has created the perfect learning tool with their new robot kit – Sparki. This new robotic kit is an affordable, easy-to-use robot that allows users of all ages to create their very own programmable robot friend right at home. With its simple design and open source code, anyone can build this cute little bot that will be able to follow commands or perform tasks on its own – making it the ideal choice for both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike.



UBTECH JIMU Robot Mythical Series: Firebot Kit/ App-Enabled Building & Coding STEM Robot Kit (606 Pcs), Red, Model:JRA0601

The UBTECH JIMU Robot Kit (Buy Online) is one of the best robot kits for middle school students because it teaches STEM skills while letting kids play with fun mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns.

The FireBot kit comes with everything you need to build your very own magical dragon. It even includes two sets of wings so you can customize your FireBot into different types of mythical creatures (unicorn or phoenix).

With the UBTECH JIMU Robot Mythical Series: Firebot Kit there’s no soldering required, just snap together parts in seconds. Then use Blockly code on your tablet or smartphone to program the robot. This is hands-on learning at its best.

Plus, you can download free apps to control this robot from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.



Morwant 3-in-1 STEM Remote Control Building Kits-Tracked Car/Robot/Tank

Morwant’s 3-in-1 Remote Control Car Building Kit (Buy Online) provides hours of entertainment. These robot kits allow you to build three different types of vehicles, giving kids more freedom to explore their creativity without breaking the bank. And with this remote control building kit’s simple design and durable materials, it will withstand anything your middle-school-age child can throw at it.



Elenco Teach Tech “Hydrobot Arm Kit”, Hydraulic Kit

The HydroBot Arm Kit (Buy Online) allows you to build a working robotic hand-powered by water pressure instead of batteries or electricity. It comes with all parts needed—no soldering required—and it’s easy enough for beginner engineers ages 12+. Kids will learn how hydraulics work as they design and control this awesome robotic arm using the step-by-step instructions, And once assembled, this HydroBot Arm will be able to move up and down, side to side, rotate, and pick up objects.



Aimubot STEM Robot Kit

The Aimubot STEM Robot Kit (Buy Online) features dozens of step-by-step projects that teach basic robotic programming skills like controlling motors, sensors, lights, and more on command using your smartphone or tablet.  You can also create your own DIY projects and share them on the Aimubot online community.



Solar Robot STEM Learning Kit

The Solar Robot Kit (Buy Online) is an inexpensive way to get kids interested in science and robotics. It’s a fun project for children aged 6-14 years old. With the solar power panel, they can make their own robot that moves when it’s powered by the sun.  Plus, this kit is great if you want to teach your child about renewable energy since they will be able to see how light energy turns into electricity with this awesome solar-powered robotics kit.