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Best Raspberry Pi for OctoPrint

There are many different Raspberry Pi models out there but not all of them are compatible with OctoPrint. On this page, you’ll find the best Raspberry Pi for OctoPrint, as well as the best Raspberry Pi OctoPrint Camera and Raspberry Pi OctoPrint screen.


Best Raspberry Pi for OctoPrint

Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Model B 8GB Single Board Computer
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Quad Core 64 Bit WiFi Bluetooth (4GB)
LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Computer with Heatsinks
Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, 8GB RAM, Lite
Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen with Case & Fan, 4 inch IPS Touch Screen LCD Display
Arducam Pi Camera, Octoprint Octopi Webcam, Monitor 3D Printer



Best Raspberry Pi for OctoPrint – Octoprint Raspberry Pi 4B



Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Model B 8GB Single Board Computer – Seed Studio

This Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Single Board Computer (Buy Online) is equipped with 8GB of memory which is more than enough RAM for OctoPrint so you can load up all the software and files needed to run your printer. And its quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex A72 CPU is powerful enough for compute-intensive tasks, making it an excellent choice for running OctoPrint.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to run your 3D printer, this is the best Raspberry Pi for OctoPrint that we’ve found.

It’s fast enough to run all of our favorite applications without lag or freezing up when printing large files. And you can take full advantage of the camera since this board handles real-time video with no lag.

Plus, we love using OctoPrint with this board because we can connect remotely from anywhere in our house to monitor temperatures and print progress as well as turn off prints if something starts to go wrong.



Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Quad Core 64 Bit WiFi Bluetooth (4GB)

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (Buy Online) is one of the best choices for running Octoprint because it’s powerful enough to run most software without any problems but cheap enough so you don’t have to break the bank just to get started with 3d printing. This model also comes with built-in WiFi which makes setting up WiFi much easier than previous models where you had to buy an additional USB wireless adapter or use Ethernet cables which can be a pain if you don’t have any spare cables on hand.

OctoPrint is an amazing open-source web-based 3D printing control panel. The problem with using this software for your 3D printer is that it needs a lot of processing power and RAM to run smoothly and efficiently.

You can solve this problem by buying the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4GB) which has enough processing power to run OctoPrint without any problems or lags, even if you plan on streaming live video from your printer as well.



Octoprint Raspberry Pi 4



LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Computer with Heatsinks

The Raspberry Pi 4 (Buy Online) is a good entry-level Raspberry Pi model for OctoPrint. It is a little light on RAM but it has just enough processing power to run OctoPrint thanks to its quad-core 64-bit ARM processor

If you’re running an OctoPrint server with a Raspberry Pi 3B+, then upgrading to the RPi 4 will make your prints run faster while using less power. Other benefits of this upgrade include USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as well as improved thermal management via a heatsink on top of the main processor chip (the SoC).

If you want to use Octoprint or other applications that require higher processing power, then we recommend getting the latest RP4 model instead of older models like RPi 3B+. This way you can enjoy all of its new features without worrying about slowdowns or lack of memory causing problems with your prints.



Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, 8GB RAM, Lite

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (Buy Online) offers more processing power and better multimedia support than its predecessors. The new CM4 has an upgraded BCM2711 application processor that runs at 1.5GHz, which gives it a 50% performance boost over the previous model’s chip – allowing you to run more complex applications such as machine vision and artificial intelligence software on your device.

This Compute Module gives you all of the power of the Raspberry Pi 4 at an affordable price point and it is easy to integrate into any project or product. Until now you could only get the Pi 4 if you bought a full model with headers and GPIO pins. Now you can buy this module that comes with 8GB RAM and a 64-bit quad-core processor with a compact form factor that allows it to be used in cases with tight space constraints.



OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Zero



Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (Wireless / Bluetooth)

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (Buy Online) is a great little computer, but if you want to stream video from it then the onboard processor and memory just aren’t quite up to snuff. With its small size, low price, and integrated wireless capabilities it’s no surprise that this little computer has so many uses. But if you’re looking to use your Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint where video streaming is important then you’ll want something more powerful than a Pi Zero W.



Raspberry Pi Octoprint Screen



Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen with Case & Fan, 4 inch IPS Touch Screen LCD Display

The Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen with Case & Fan (Buy Online) provides everything you need in one kit. The case snaps together easily and the frame holds the monitor securely in place while still allowing access to all of the ports on your Raspberry Pi. Plus, the fan keeps things cool when running at full load and there are no bulky wires or unnecessary parts. And all you need are some basic tools in order to connect everything together properly so you can quickly set it up and start using it to control your 3D printer.



BIGTREETECH Direct PITFT50 V2.0 5 Point Touch Capacitive 5inch Upgrade Touch Screen for Octoprint Raspberry Pi

The BIGTREETECH Capacitive 5-inch Touchscreen Upgrade Kit (Buy Online) allows owners of any type of 3D printer who are using a Raspberry Pi as their controller to access all features on the device through an easy-to-use interface right on the display itself. And with this screen, OctoPrint users can easily navigate menus and set up prints without having to deal with clunky keyboards and mice.



Best Raspberry Pi OctoPrint Camera



Arducam Pi Camera, Octoprint Octopi Webcam, Monitor 3D Printer

The Arducam Pi Camera (Buy Online) is natively compatible with official Raspberry Pi boards. It also includes an extra-long 100cm/3.28ft cable that makes mounting the camera easy if you don’t want to place it near the Raspberry Pi board itself. Best of all, it’s fully compatible with Octoprint.



Arducam Pi Camera Cable, Octoprint Octopi Webcam, Monitor 3D Printer, 3.28FT/100CM Long Extension Flex Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi

These Long Extension Flex Ribbon Cables for Raspberry Pi (Buy Online) have been tested extensively on OctoPi and they work perfectly well with the Arducam Camera Module (V1 & V2). And these cables use high-quality shielded wires so there won’t be any interference in the video signal from power lines and radio transmissions.

If you’re using a Raspberry Pi board for 3D printing monitoring, surveillance cameras, or any other project where you need a long-range camera connection, these cables will come in handy.



OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Requirements

Octoprint is an open-source desktop 3D printer controller that you can use to control a wide range of 3D printers. And OctoPrint works with multiple Raspberry Pi models with different amounts of RAM and processing power.

If you’re interested in using OctoPring to create your own 3D printer at home or want even more options when choosing which type of Raspberry Pi Model will work best for your needs, then be sure to check out our list below that includes all the different Raspberry Pi models that are compatible with OctoPrint.


OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Compatibility